IQoro – Treating Acid Reflux and Dysphagia in UK Healthcare

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How IQoro affects the body and treats symptoms.

What is IQoro?

IQoro is a neuromuscular treatment that utilises the body’s natural command systems to strengthen muscles from the lips, oral cavity, tongue, upper airways, oesophagus, down to the stomach.

This treats many nerve pathways and muscles in the swallowing and respiratory chains simultaneously, and is the reason why many different symptoms can be addressed at the same time.

IQoro treatment is the result of 20 years’ evidence-based research.

Treatment recognised by NICE

IQoro is recognised by the UK’s National Institute for Health and Care Excellence as a new innovative treatment for Acid Reflux and Dysphagia.

The Bionow Awards Product of the Year badge

The winning product is effective, easy to scale and can offset the need for surgery and medication so is therefore very impactful

Jury statement, Bionow Awards,
Manchester, March 2024

How to use IQoro

Training with IQoro means a daily routine of 90 seconds in total. Each exercise session takes 30 seconds.

This video shows how a training session looks like. The patient simply puts IQoro in his mouth, holds his breath and pulls IQoro outwards, while pressing his lips together firmly for 10 seconds. He then rests for 3 seconds and repeat the procedure two more times per session. We recommend 3 training sessions per day.

Grading the treatment

Some patients, particularly where IQoro is being used as a rehabilitation tool for dysphagia or where IQoro is being used with children, may need to be advised to grade the use of their IQoro so that they introduce the use of it gradually and build up its use over time. Information regarding grading a patient’s treatment can be found here:

Treating dysphagia

Partnership with RefluxUK

We are partnering with RefluxUK – the largest reflux specialist clinic in the UK.

Read more about RefluxUK

IQoro is a cost-effective treatment method

for dysphagia and acid reflux.

CE marked Class 1 Medical device developed through

clinical research and scientific studies.