IQoro – Treating Acid Reflux and Dysphagia in UK Healthcare

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What is IQoro?

IQoro is a neuromuscular treatment that utilises the body’s natural command systems to strengthen muscles from the lips, oral cavity, tongue, upper airways, oesophagus, down to the stomach.

This treats many nerve pathways and muscles in the swallowing and respiratory chains simultaneously, and is the reason why many different symptoms can be addressed at the same time.

IQoro treatment is the result of 20 years’ evidence-based research.

Treatment recognised by NICE

IQoro is recognised by the UK’s National Institute for Health and Care Excellence as a new innovative treatment for Acid Reflux and Dysphagia.


Partnership with RefluxUK

We are partnering with RefluxUK – the largest reflux specialist clinic in the UK.

Read more about RefluxUK

IQoro is a cost-effective treatment method

for dysphagia and acid reflux.

CE marked Class 1 Medical device developed through

clinical research and scientific studies.