Resource library

The following resources are useful for healthcare professionals and their patients when deploying IQoro treatment. They can all be downloaded and printed or read on a screen.

Getting started with IQoro

This guide will ease your workload and time with each patient. Simply provide this link to the patient and they’ll be ready to start the treatment on their own.

How-to guides on IQoro

Use our how-to guides when introducing IQoro to your patient. The guides are intended for clinicians their patients. Read them yourself and/or provide them to your patients as an aid in the introduction.

How-to guides for clinicians

How-to guides for self-administered patients

Brochures for patients

Our easy to understand brochures are specifically designed to inform and educate patients, their families and colleagues about IQoro and the corresponding treatment.

Sample prescription letter

If you are a clinician without prescribing authority you can refer your patient to a GP for IQoro prescription. In these cases, a referral letter may be needed and these texts may be helpful in drafting such a prescription request.

Extra large A4 sized training diary sheet

Our extra large training diary sheet has extra space for notes. A similar but smaller journal sheet is included in the booklet that comes with the device. This bigger version may be preferred by some patients.

Infection control process for feasibility kits

IQoro devices used for patient feasibility testing will need to be kept clean and ready-for-use. Here you can download the description of a procedure recommended by one NHS SLT department.

Standard operating procedures

This document can form a basis for professionals wanting to define an SOP for IQoro use in an NHS setting.