Support to Healthcare professionals

As a healthcare professional, you can access support from our helpdesk team, or from a specialist within the company. Please find our contacts below.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 0808 175 0297

Specialist support

Requests for specialist support should always be made by email to our helpdesk.

Email: [email protected]

Specialist support can be advice on clinical queries, training for clinicians in the use and appropriate deployment of IQoro, and provision of demonstration and assessment devices.

Documents and resources

We are offering useful documents and resources for healthcare professionals. PDF’s that you can print for your own needs, or send to a colleague. They can be found across the site, but you can always find them in the Resources Library under Support in the main menu.

Support to individuals

Our website for individuals contains information to support patients in understanding their condition, how IQoro works and how it should be used correctly. Many existing users of IQoro have drawn such encouragement from joining our Facebook group – Training with IQoro where novices and satisfied users can exchange their stories and support their peer-group.

Our helpdesk is manned by experts able to answer patient questions.

Telephone: +46 10 551 67 22 

Email: [email protected]
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