The use of IQoro in treating medical conditions is supported by scientific and clinical evidence. Below are links to details of this evidence.

Evidence overview

To be listed on the NHS Business Services Authority Prescription Services listing on May 1st 2022, IQoro have gone through a meticulous evaluation. Both effectiveness and cost benefit has been evalutated and the evidence base includes:

  • The DTA submission
  • Scientific studies
  • Bookchapters
  • NHS Service Evaluation

Scientific studies

There is a sequence of internationally published papers that show the evolution from early research into neuromuscular treatment through to the evidence for IQoro in clinical studies in treating dysphagia, Hiatal hernia and other conditions. 

Read Scientific articles

Read a Summary of Studies

NHS Service Evaluation

A Service Evaluation conducted by the Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Trust and supported by the South West Academic Science Network specifically evaluated the suitability of IQoro in treating patients in NHS acute, in-patient rehab, and community settings.

Treating children with Cerebral Palsy

A UK SLT has researched saliva control dysfunction in children and young people with Cerebral Palsy using practice-based evidence outcome measures.

NICE Medtech Innovation Briefings

In late 2018 the company submitted evidence to NICE that resulted in two Medtech Innovation Briefings (MIBs) being issued. These referenced IQoro as a treatment for dysphagia after stroke, and for treating hiatus hernia.

These NICE MIBs, referenced in the NICE pathways, were early recognition of the promise of IQoro in treating reflux-based diseases and dysphagia, but do not reflect the current evidence status. They were concluded in late 2018 and published to the NHS in March 2019. Progress has been made since then.

For example, NICE pointed out the lack of a Randomised Control Study which has since been concluded and published. They also asked for a Service Evaluation of IQoro use in an NHS setting, which has since been completed by an Academic Health Science Network-funded study. Other reservations were also made.

The NICE MIBs are snapshots in time and not updated to reflect later evidence.

Did you know…

…that IQoro was awarded the prestigious Product of the Year award at the Bionow Awards held in Manchester in March 2024?

Winner of the Bionow Awards Product of the year 2024

Winner of the Bionow Awards Product of the year 2024

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